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Visual Arts

The aim of the Visual Arts program and Illawarra Sports High School is to provide students with a variety of experiences that challenge and reward students.

The Visual Arts Faculty:

  • Lori Cracknell - Head Teacher Teaching and Learning
  • Lydia Bennett 
  • Peter Kanaris 

Stage 4: Years 7 and 8

The Mandatory Stage 4 program focuses on developing visual art skills including drawing, painting, print making, ceramics and technology. The literacy tasks include spelling, short answer, creative writing, responding about their own art making and writing about historical artworks.

Stage 5: Years 9 and 10

The elective Stage 5 board course develops the skills learnt from Stage 4. Drawing painting, design, ceramics, sculpture, and technology are priority areas. Students also select their own media areas for the major task in Year 10. The theory tasks include exploration of art by looking significantly at sculpture then painting. Selected artists are studied in greater depth. Students respond to art works using both short answer and essay writing.

There are 2 interest elective "Z" courses, being sculpture and drawing. The sculpture students create 3D forms in ceramics, paper, recycled and mixed media materials. The drawing course involves observation drawing, imagery drawing and caricatures. The materials vary from pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel and paint.

Stage 6: Year 11 and 12

The Stage 6 course challenges students in their theoretical and practical abilities. In Year 11 the critical and historical study involves the understanding of both past and present art forms. Students gain a broad knowledge of art and respond in both short and long essay format. In Year 12 the students explore art through case studies. These focus on a more sophisticated understanding of selected artists and times. The senior exams are a combination of short response and extended essays.

The stage 6 practical tasks involve experimental work in Year 11. Students explore a variety of themes such as "identity" in their 2D and 3D art forms. They learn to use a broader range of materials and to improve upon their skills. The final work in Year 12 is the "body of work". This is the culmination of the students creative skill combined with a chosen concept.


Stage 6: Year 11 and Year 12

The Stage 6 Photography course teaches students analogue, video and digital photography. The students explore a broad range of themes including the local environment, our school and self portraiture. The practical work is balanced with an investigation of critical; and historical works providing the students with an overview of the world of the photographer both past and present.

Visual Design

Stage 6: Year 11 and Year 12

The students in the Visual Design course learn about designed images and objects. They learn about the conventions of design from past times and the present. The forms the students create fit into the modules of graphics, wearable, product and interior design. As well as the practical tasks students study historical forms of design.

Events and Excursions

"The Wollongong City Gallery" runs workshops for creative art pupils. Each year they offer a range of these, developing skills that are an extension to work completed in the classroom. Students in Visual Arts courses are invited to attend these workshops to extend their skills in a range of innovative art forms.

Stage 6 excursions involve attending the "Art Gallery of NSW", the "Museum of Contemporary Art" and "White Rabbit Gallery". These excursions show pupils a broad range of art and highlight excellent skills by professional artists.

Exhibitions of art, design and photography are regularly displayed at Illawarra Sports High School. Each class has work displayed in classrooms, the library and the front foyer of the school.

Additionally students can elect to join the Project ISH mural group to create murals that beautify the walls of the Illawarra Sports High School.

Ms L Cracknell - Head Teacher Teaching and Learning