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Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) plays an important role in the school by providing a forum for the students' needs and ideas to be heard. Mr Liam Coulcher is the current SRC co-ordinator. The SRC members are encouraged to obtain leadership skills such as public speaking, confidence and organisational abilities. The members of the SRC are often asked to represent our school at functions inside and outside of school.

Each year has representatives who are nominated and elected by their peers. The SRC members have a discreet role call and also meet once a fortnight to discuss the students' ideas, school improvements, school socials, charity work and other projects of interest. 

What is a Student Representative Council?

Students are happier and participate in their education more effectively when their ideas are listened to and their opinions valued. Schools benefit when students are involved in school organisation and planning. A Student Representative Council is a group of students in a school elected by their fellow students. They represent the students in the school and organise ways for them to participate in school life.

 A Student Representative Council Is:

  • Democratic: Because every student has a voice
  • Educational: By developing skills in leadership and communication
  • Responsible: For solving real problems and making real decisions
  • Sharing: Decision-making with the school executive, teachers, other students and the school community. 
  • Caring: About the school and what happens in it and to it

 What do School SRC's do?

  • Identify and voice student opinions and ideas
  • Encourage school spirit and pride
  • Improve school amenities and appearance
  • Discuss student rights and responsibilities
  • Become involved in environmental education
  • Become involved in curriculum issues
  • Provide study help
  • Promote careers information and workplace learning
  • Assist the orientation of new students
  • Focus on student health and personal development
  • Encourage school competition in sport and debating
  • Develop international awareness
  • Publicise and communicate achievements
  • Promote creative, visual and performing arts activities
  • Recognise students' achievements of excellence
  • Run social and recreation activities
  • Organise fund raising activities 
  • Participate in community service programs